The Seresroad CX-10 is a Small Quadcopter Available for Under $20

 - Feb 29, 2016
References: acoolstuff
One of the many hottest toys on the market right now are small quadcopter drones. The Seresroad CX-10 is a mini or nano quadcopter that fits within the palm of one's hand. It is available in orange or black colors, with four white blades. There's also a remote controller unit in a white plastic casing with red highlights.

This cool device is extremely cost-effective at less than $20, so it can give you a chance to decide whether you will like this hobby or not. The Seresroad is built with a lightweight frame, and it is durable, because as new drone pilots learns to fly, there will likely be a few crashes. Internally the drone includes a six-axis gyroscope, which will enable it to stay level inside the air, even when if an operator is a little sloppy with the controls.

This mini drone is fantastic for beginners. There are actually three different speeds, so it is possible to work your way up to becoming a specialist. It comes with a charger cord, and a single charge will provide you with four to eight minutes of flying time, which is impressive for such a compact battery.

The CX-10 also has LED flashing lights, so you are able to extend playing time outdoors if it starts to obtain dark out. The LEDs also assist with navigation. Besides the usual backward, forward and sideways moves, you can rotate this small quadcopter around in 360 degrees.