This Embraer 170 is Equipped With Light Detection & Ice-Phobic Paint

 - Jul 9, 2016
References: boeing.mediaroom & gizmag
Globally renowned aeronautics and aerospace engineering giant Boeing has developed an extraordinarily important testbed aircraft that is designed to ease the various complications that arise when engineers try to figure out how to make aircraft more efficient in their functioning, effectively making them more eco-friendly.

The testbed aircraft in question is essentially a modified version of an Embraer E170, and is part of Boeing's highly vaunted ecoDemonstrator program. The craft is set to be fitted with a whole array of technologies including LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), which make sit possible to use lasers to measure a variety of air parameters in a hassle-free manner. It will also be coated with ice-phobic paint that repels bugs and dirt to improve functioning and reduce the need for washing.

This manipulated Embraer E170 is a highly important program in that it is bidding to make air travel more efficient, more eco-friendly and more safe.