'Go Eco' Teaches Players About Conserving the Environment

 - Jul 6, 2016
References: kickstarter
Educational card games are a great way to incorporate fun into learning. 'Go Eco' is one example of that. Developed by Eco Eco Entertainment, the Go Eco card game is focused on teaching its players about conserving the environment.

According to the company, the two to six player game is based on ecosystems and food chains and can be played in more than one way. In order to win, a player has to use their cards to create a complete food chain. The cards have several categories. For example, producers are things that grow food such as plants, energizers are elements, which help with food growth like the sun and neutralizers are things that can cause destruction like pollution.

Teaching children about conserving the environment can seem mundane, but introducing educational card games, like Go Eco, can create an enjoyable experience for both kids and adults alike.