From Digital Toy Blocks to Talkative Smartphone Toys

 - Aug 28, 2016
DIY slingshot toys, hybrid unicorn figurines and personalized LEGO characters are just a few of the most innovative ideas to be explored in the top August 2016 toys.

With the rise of maker culture, there's been an upswing in hands-on activities, games and toys for kids that teach valuable skills like programming and crafting, which empower kids to become creators of their own toys. As well as providing entertainment, these toys for kids also encourage the development of motor skills.

Since there's something to be said about tried-and-true classic game that have stood the test of time, many of these kinds of toys are being reinvented for a new generation of kids. This includes Russian matryoshka dolls that have been transformed into papercraft architectural models, Bluetooth-connected Furby toys, digital toy blocks and 3D-printed board games.