Fugitive is a Two-Player Game Based on a Great Escape

 - Jul 6, 2016
References: fowers.net & kickstarter
Following the success of games such as Burgle Bros, Paperback and Wok Star, Tim Fowers created a new two-player game called Fugitive. With the popularity of board game cafes and adult coloring books, it is clear that consumers are interested in the kind of simple activities they enjoyed as children with a unique adult twist. This fast-paced game requires just the right amount of logic and skill to keep adults engaged and entertained.

Fugitive is a two-player game that requires players to use a simple set of numbered cards to track down a notorious criminal. While only two players are involved, both are trying to solve mutually-exclusive ends. This creates tension between opponents and the need for astute deduction skills on the part of each player. As a result, the game is complex and challenging enough for adults to enjoy.

Designed to take just 10 minutes to play, Fugitive is perfect for adults looking for a quick and entertaining card game.