These Nesting Toys are Based on the Russian Matryoshka

Over the years, there have been many nesting toys and dolls that have been inspired by the iconic Matryoshka from Russia. Rather than taking the traditional rounded form of a doll's silhouette, 'BLOKOSHKA' by creative agency ZUPAGRAFIKA introduces a new kind of stacking toy that takes cues from modernist architecture.

The nesting toys are assembled from pieces of recycled cardboard, which features colorful prints that are inspired by the designs of buildings from post-war eastern European cities. The four pieces of the 'Modernist Architectural Matryoshka' set are pre-cut and pre-folded so that assembly is possible without needing glue or scissors.

BLOKOSHKA puts a modern spin on a classic Russian toy that will delight kids and design fans alike. These novel build-it-yourself paper toys are sold through the studio's online shop.