This Organic Children's Bedding Inspires a Love of Storytelling

 - Jul 18, 2016
References: forivor
Forivor's innovative organic children's bedding will have kids young and old wrapped up in its magic.

The soft organic cotton reversible bedding features highly detailed and evocative drawings, taking you and your child on a journey from day to night. British wildlife hides up in the treetops and behind bushes for children to find on the 'Dayland' side of the bedding, with Forivor's accompanying Character Cards giving fascinating facts about each hidden away animal.

When you're ready for sleep, you can turn your bedding over to reveal a magical nighttime scene where the animals from Dayland have transformed into mythical creatures that they hope you'll meet in your dreams. The treetops are alight with squirrels holding glowworm lanterns and mice lazing in beautiful hammocks, while badgers and rabbits prepare for the nighttime festivities in the burrows underground. On the other side of the Character Cards you'll discover the horse who you saw grazing in Dayland becomes Federico the Flying Pegasus at night in 'Forivorland' and that he loves to fly but doesn't like getting his wings wet. Each creature has a similar transformation to discover and tell stories about.

Forivor's organic children's bedding is designed to inspire a passion for nature and storytelling and is presented in an organic cotton suitcase to reduce packaging waste. The case is hard-wearing and could be used as a sleepover bag or even to pack your bedding away again to keep for the next generation -- hopefully memories and stories can be handed down along with it.

The philosophy behind this exciting new children's brand is to nurture a generation of imaginative storytellers who are invested in the future of the planet. As well as setting out to inspire children to care about the planet, Forivor ensures its bedding is made to the highest ethical and environmental standards in India.