Kyburz Debuted a Sporty Electric 'eRod' Roadster

Swiss Electric Automaker 'Kyburz' has just released its new all-electric 'eRod' roadster that is designed for high-performance driving. The unique, sporty-looking roadster is fully street legal in Switzerland, even if it looks like it is meant for the track.

Kyburz has designed three models of the roadster the eRod Basic, eRod Fun and eRod Race. The basic model has a top speed of 75mph and can go 40 miles before needing to recharge. The eRod Fun has a driving range of 70 miles with a similar top speed to the basic model. The race model can reach 85mph and can travel up to 136 miles on a single charge.

What's even more unique about the fun all-electric roadster is that consumers can save on the price tag by ordering the car in pieces and assembling it themselves.