This Library is Made up Up Ice Cream Cartons

 - Jul 15, 2016
References: & trendhunter
This micro-library in Bima, Indonesia was designed to improve literacy in the middle class and poor neighborhoods it is close to.

The micro-library offers activities and learning programs that are organized by the charity 'Pocket for the Poor' and eventually it will be local people who organize the structure of the lessons. The library was built to be elevated to protect the pre-existing stage it is built atop from the rain and sun. The designers have created a cool environment without having to use air-conditioning by using large plastic ice cream bins to make up the walls and offer cross-ventilation. The building even has a a subtle message embedded in the ice cream bins in Indonesian, which translates to "books are the windows to the world."

This micro-library looks modern and stands out in the neighborhood while simultaneously using "green design" to create a learning space for children.