This Map Marks the Most Efficient Route Between 47 US National Parks

 - Aug 10, 2016
References: randalolson & lifehacker
The 'Optimal US National Parks Road Trip Map' by Randy Olson helps to assuage one of the worst parts of taking a long-distance trip by car. While road trips can be fun bonding experiences, arguments over the best route and getting lost along the way can really put a damper on things. Olson's road trip map uses a computer algorithm to find the most efficient route between 47 of America's national parks, eliminating the need for navigational creativity.

According to his blog, Olson designed the map to commemorate the centennial anniversary of the National Parks Service. Though there are 59 total national parks in the US, 12 of those are in Alaska, Hawaii and other US territories, making them inconvenient or downright impossible to drive to, which is why the map only includes 47 parks.

The total loop on Olson's road trip map would take two months without breaks. But considering all the natural beauty, any wise road tripper should give themselves a lot more time than that.