From Collaborative Assembly Robots to Trailblazing Racing Drones

 - Aug 27, 2016
These August 2016 robots range from collaborative assembly bots to sophisticated racing drones that are designed to be customized by users with an appreciation for hyper-personalized tech experiences.

In addition to a myriad of multimedia and competition-focused drones, other standouts include robotic restaurant concepts like Momentum Machines' fast food eatery in San Francisco, California. Furthermore, examples like massage-giving droids and sausage-grilling robots are replacing human wellness professionals and making household duties a more hassle-free affair for all -- especially those with limited cooking skills.

Additional August 2016 robots include creative examples like programmable printer bots and robotic sculptors that are changing traditional art and design practices. In addition to giving artist more creative freedom, these particular examples also provide creatives with the resources needed to make conceptual ideas a reality.