The Toru Warehouse Robots Can Identify and Isolate Specific Packages

 - Jul 14, 2016
References: & digitaltrends
A German company by the name of Magazino has developed a high-tech line of warehouse robots that are designed for use in the shipping and warehousing industries.

The Toru warehouse robots are designed to be able to navigate their way around large warehouses and identify highly specific objects. They then make use of artificial arms and 'tongues' to hold the pile of packages in place while picking out a specific parcel. They are equipped with special sensors that help them evade collisions, and so are safe for use around human workers.

These robots aren't capable of performing the work as quickly as humans, but they are capable of working continually for very long periods of hours, which makes them more productive overall.

These warehouse robots stand to make the shipping and picking industry more efficient and effective.