The Newest Collaborative Yaskawa Robot Was Unveiled at Automatica

One of the newest Yaskawa robots, the Motoman HC10, was unveiled at this year's Automatica in Germany, a trade fair for automation and mechatronics.

The Motoman HC10 is set to introduce Yaskawa to the world as a leader in human and robot collaboration—the "HC" in the robot's name stands for "Human Collaborative." What's significant about Yaskawa's presence at Automatica is that this is the first time one of its collaborative robots is being introduced outside of Japan.

In addition to showcasing the highly anticipated Motoman HC10 at Automatica, Yaskawa also debuted the new GP series, which includes the first Motoman GP7 and Motoman GP8 models with load-bearing capacities of seven and eight kilograms respectively, which will be useful for automated tasks in strenuous environments.