From Empowering Girl Campaigns to Realistic Weightloss Ads

 - Oct 12, 2015
These October 2015 commercials range from empowering girl campaigns to realistic weightloss ads that promote honest marketing. Whether exploring candid themes like emotional eating or body image issues, the month's advertisements opt for a raw and emotional approach that commands a viewer's attention instantly.

When featuring humor, these October 2015 commercial continue with their honest approach and highlight social issues like marriage equality in a playful way. A great example is Tide's marriage equality ad that pokes fun of prejudice audiences while promoting equality and evolution in government institutions and society in general.

Furthermore, these October 2015 commercials include revolutionary marketing campaigns that aim to end stereotypes that are associated with aging. Whether sharing the compelling stories of senior citizens or proving that fashion is for everyone, these examples are changing the way mass audiences approach important social issues.