This Jose Cuervo Commercial is Supported by the Rolling Stones

 - Sep 23, 2015
References: adweek & fandbnews
Jose Cuervo is turning to a familiar friend for its new series of tequila ads. The mood and visuals of the commercial are built around the Rolling Stone's 1972 world-famous tour that the brand claims changed rock 'n' roll for good. The band members even acknowledged that Jose Cuervo was their drink of choice for the tour.

The entire video is set in a 1970s private jet with cocktail waitresses walking around, handing out glasses of tequila. The characters in the video are subtle references to 70s style and the era as a whole. The entire commercial is set to the Stone's classic song 'Miss You.'

The entire video is a nostalgic recreation of one of the brand's most famous moments, and an interesting homage to the past for younger audiences to see.