This Home Decor Magazine Will Make You Take a Second Look

This clever collaboration between a New Zealand charity and a home magazine provides hidden domestic abuse messages spread out in a flashy interior design spread.

Home Magazine and the 'It's Not Ok' charity teamed up to shed light on the growing domestic abuse issues that occur in all types of homes, including luxury houses. At first glance, the story in the magazine titled 'Paradise Hill' is a fictional depiction of a beautifully decorated home, but also visually implies domestic abuse messages throughout its pictures. The images get increasingly more obvious, starting with a small blood stain to broken glass.

The campaign is based on a study that suggest one in four women who live in a house worth over $100,000 dollars have experienced domestic abuse. Much of the attention for spousal abuse highlights lower income families, but this campaign wants to make clear that horrible things can happen even within the most posh abodes.