From Garbage-Collecting Robots to Affordable Underwater Drones

 - Oct 12, 2015
The top October 2015 robot trends include underwater drones, garbage-collecting robots and drone-built bridges. Showcasing a variety of uses for cutting edge technology, there is no shortage of problems for robotics to solve.

ROAR is a garbage collection innovation project from Volvo that sees the brand attempting to design an autonomous garbage-collecting vehicle. The initiative thus far includes plans for a driver who would oversee the automated collection and driving of the vehicle.

Meanwhile, GoBox is a robot-building subscription service for parents interested in getting their children interested in engineering. The monthly kit provides a new activity for young engineers to dive into, encouraging robotics careers and expanding tactile understanding.

The top October 2015 robot trends highlight the shift toward brands as pioneers in public service pursuits and the interest of parents in getting their kids into science and math.