The FLYBi Drone Camera is Controlled By Your Head Movements

 - Sep 25, 2015
References: indiegogo & gizmag
The FLYBi is a quadcopter that brings together virtual reality technology with the ability to enjoy a first-person view of your device's flight.

This drone is equipped with connected goggles that take in live-streamed video from the drone's 1080p 12-megapixel camera. This input is then displayed onto a pair of HD LCD displays right before your eyes. Your headset also comes with a sensor that tracks your head movements -- this allows you to control the drone's camera simply by turning your head in the desired direction. If you look to the left, the drone's camera pans left, giving you an awesome virtual flying experience.

There are a whole bunch of camera quadcopter being released these days, which makes it difficult for new entrants to stand out. But with its fantastic head-controlled setup, the FLYBi is certainly carving out a niche for itself.