From Weatherproof Camera Accessories to Modular Photography Bags

 - Nov 24, 2015
Camera straps, cases and mounts are a few ideas that make fantastic photographer gifts. For those who like both traditional and digital ways of taking photos, there are a few fun products out there like the film canister-shaped camera remotes from Gizmon, as well as the Holga Digital, which takes film-style photography on an SD card.

Photographers who like to get hands-on with tuning and tweaking a device to perfection will appreciate gift ideas like the Focal Camera, a wooden system that can be build and customized completely from scratch.

For those who are fond of Instagram, phonetography and the selfie, there are now dozens of selfie sticks that are designed to look like pet paws, human limbs or even covert wristbands to permit snapping images in both style and ease.