This Heat-Detecting Camera Mounts Drones to Help Firefighters and Farmers

 - Sep 26, 2015
References: flir & gizmodo
Flir's newest addition to its line of thermal imaging cameras can fly high by fitting into a GoPro mount on a drone. The 'Flir Vue Pro' can detect and differentiate between heat levels the same way night vision goggles do. While the technology is not new, the low price point of the camera makes it much more accessible than others.

Thermal imaging cameras can be utilized by many different industries in various helpful ways, especially now that it can soar above the earth. It can help farmers detect which parts of their land are dried out and solar farmers to see which of their solar panels aren't functioning properly. The technology can also be used by firefighters to discover what sections of a burning building are heating up the fastest and where people are located inside, making rescues faster and safer.

Not to forget its potential in crime fighting and nighttime stakeouts, this spy-like gadget is intriguing for both professionals and the public.