- Nov 29, 2015
The top November 2015 social good trends highlight various innovations in the altruistic landscape that range from beneficial business models to positive public campaigns.

Altruist is a micro-donations app that lets individuals round off the amount at each purchase to automatically donate the difference to the charity of their choice. The app rounds the amount of each purchase up to the nearest dollar amount.

A brand of PetSmart, Good Natured is a one-for-one pet food company that applies the Toms shoes model to canine and feline meals. The Good Natured brand will provide one meal for a shelter dog or cat for each can purchased.

The top November 2015 social good trends speak to the interest of consumers, especially millennials, in patronizing brands that champion ethical business practices with a focus on sustainability.

From Micro-Donation Apps to Assault-Alerting Devices: