The Fairphone 2 is a Responsible and Easily Repaired Handset

 - Oct 9, 2015
References: shop.fairphone & fastcoexist
Apple might have a monopoly on the smartphone industry right now -- at least when it comes to reputation, but that doesn't mean others aren't up to challenging the brand; that's where the Fairphone 2 comes into play. It focuses on a number of elements that Apple overlooks with its iPhone. The Fairphone 2 is not only easy to repair while boasting a modular makeup, it's manufactured responsibly.

The Fairphone 2 might be thicker than the latest iPhone and Samsung counterparts, but there's a good reason for that: it is meant to come apart. Yet beyond that, Tessa Wernink, Fairphone's chief communications officer, says, "Our customers include people who are concerned about the social and environmental effects of our consumer society and the waste that is generated by the short cycles of replacing our electronics."