'myBivy' Helps Predict and Reduce Night Terrors Through Body Tracking & Analysis

 - Oct 18, 2015
References: kickstarter & ubergizmo
This sleep-monitoring app aims to predict, prevent and reduce night terrors by studying physiological symptoms and tracking body patterns. By analyzing the typical physiological situation that occurs before a night terror, this mobile app is able to better understand when they happen. Using this knowledge, the smart watch vibration sensor can then act in response to these symptoms in order to stop the terror before it happens. Just as an alarm clock wakes people from a dream or puts them in a shallower sleep, the vibration aims to do the same for people directly prior to a terror.

3.6 million veterans in the United States alone suffer from PTSD, while many others have the disorder as well or experience just night terrors. Aiming to help these people get a better night's sleep, 'The Cure' imagined and designed this app at the DC Hackathon, winning first prize in the "clinician" area for fighting PTSD.