These Refurbished Bikes are Cleaning up Britain and Helping Malawi

 - Sep 30, 2015
References: elephantbike & springwise
In a scheme that benefits multiple parties, inmates are able to help African community projects with refurbished bikes. Elephant Bike recycles old Royal Mail bicycles with the help of prisoners in the UK and locals in Malawi in an effort to raise funds for vital services.

Based on a buy one, give one model, people can purchase refurbished bikes online. This gives customers the chance to own a piece of British heritage while also potentially changing the lives of others. The professionally restored bikes are also limited edition, so there is an element of urgency with this campaign.

The "robust and reliable" bikes were handmade in the United Kingdom. 20,000 of them were saved from landfills in order to benefit the Krisavec Project and Chilomoni Township. The money raised and bikes provided can make a real difference.