These Brand-Charity Collaborations Step Up for Social Repsonsibility

 - Oct 22, 2015
As well as helping to make the world a better place, partaking in a charity collaboration is a powerful way for brands to become aligned with certain causes. While some brands stick to supporting the same pressing big issues year after year, others are a bit more willing to embrace smaller charities and organizations.

Some of the most unexpected collaborations include Kraft Heinz and a local Pittsburgh shop teaming up to create a limited-edition mustard bottle, tubes of Primula cheese supporting Make-a-Wish UK and a partnership between the Red Cross and Bitly that both shortens links and generates donations.

After launching the successful UNICEF Kid Power program on its own, Target has now announced that it will be selling the charitable fitness bands in-store, proving that there's always a chance for brands to join in and do something good at any time.