This Chicago Prison Grows Vegetables for a Local Restaurant

The 'Cook County Jail' grows vegetables for a local Chicago restaurant as part of a unique rehabilitation program. While there are a number of community-based programs that are designed to help offenders who have finished their prison term, there are fewer programs available for those who are still behind bars. This unique initiative aims to help inmates learn valuable skills before they leave prison.

The 'Sherriff’s Garden' initiative is a unique program that allows non-violent offenders to manage a large vegetable garden and beehive. The prisoners are responsible for growing vegetables such as beets, kale and peppers. The jail grows vegetables that are sold to local restaurants and the 'Daley Plaza Farmers Market.' The program is designed to prepare inmates for life outside of prison by providing them with marketable skills.

The program offers a unique way for inmates to gain technical skills and feel a sense of purpose during their time in prison.