From Financial Literacy PSAs to Gamified Laundry Robots

 - Nov 28, 2015
The top November 2015 life trends speak to the lengths brands will go to insert themselves into the daily lives of consumers.

In a unique experiential campaign that rewarded individuals for taking a break, Nestle Paraguay created the Kit Kat bench. The unassuming people were rewarded with a Kit Kat bar after the bench had registered the individual had been seated for at least one-minute.

Separately, the latest hardcover edition of Brandon Stanton's Humans of NY series has been released. Unlike the initial physical release, the latest Humans of NY coffee table book will feature longer interviews that dive deeper into the untold lives of Stanton's subjects.

The top November 2015 life trends includes a variety of industry-spanning opportunities that point to the relationship between consumers and the products and services they patronize.