This Infographic Lists Careers for Introverts an Extroverts

 - Sep 30, 2015
References: businessinsider
If you are trying to find the best profession based on your personality, this infographic lists careers for introverts and extroverts. From Business Insider, the chart 'The Best Careers for Introverts and Extroverts' takes a comparative approach with many statistics.

While extroverted people are more outgoing, comfortable in groups, quick to begin new activities and likely to think out loud, introverted folks learn through observation, are self-aware and appreciate alone time. Examples of jobs that are better suited to the extroverted personality include construction worker, pharmacist, physical therapist, event planner and registered nurse. Introverts might like being a truck driver, veterinarian, information research scientist or editor. The guide also offers information on annual salary, strong interest inventory, required education and change through 2022.