The Soon App Helps You Remember All the Things You'd Like To Do

 - Oct 3, 2015
References: & techcrunch
If you're someone that often has an on-going bucket list for all the things you'd like to one day do, the Soon app is here to help you keep your dreams, goals and to-do lists organized on your smartphone. The Soon app is a go-to platform to help keep track of all the things you want to ensure you remember -- regardless of what they are.

Perhaps it's a list of movies you want to one day see or places you'd like to visit -- whatever the case, the Soon app is designed to help you organize these bucket lists in one simple space. The app is essentially a note-taker for users to document all the things they want to do or remember in individual lists. The app then helps the user out by pulling relative info about the movie, eatery, show, hotel or destination and even offers actionable takeaways. For example, if you add a restaurant you'd like to visit Soon will link you to OpenTable to place a reservation.