This Exhibit Commemorates Ther Lives of Criminals Sentenced to Death

New York’s 'Apexart Gallery' is currently featuring an exhibit that commemorates the lives of criminals sentenced to death. While many people hear about the crimes committed by those on death row, little is said about the lives of those convicted. This provocative exhibit asks viewers to consider the lived experiences of those on death row.

The exhibit is called 'Life and Death and Elsewhere' and it is curated by Robin Paris and Tom Williams. The exhibit explores the life of death row inmates from the 'Riverbend Maximum Security Institution.' Each of the pieces featured comes from criminals sentenced to death, providing an intimate look at the life of someone on death row. As Paris explains, most of the pieces consist of "their thoughts and designs of what they think they'd want the world to know." By designing their own memorial, these criminals ask viewers to consider what it means to be sentenced to death.

The Life and Death and Elsewhere runs until October 24th at New York's Apexart Gallery.