This Florist Offers Two-Minute Ordering and 90-Minute Delivery

 - Oct 20, 2015
References: abetterflorist & venturebeat
This startup online florist is aiming to corner the South-East Asian flower delivery market with extremely efficient service and some added attention to detail -- plus fresher flowers!

It's not something that the average person thinks about often if it's not Valentine's Day or Mother's Day, but the demand for flower delivery services is huge. Online florists are cropping up to fill that demand all over the world, competing to offer the best and most efficient service.

Online florist startup A Better Florist recognizes that the key to harnessing that demand is offering the fastest and easiest process and adding some personalized touches. A Better Florist allows customers to order in just minutes and have their flowers delivered in less than an hour and a half. It sends a photo before delivery to confirm that the floral arrangement is exactly what the customer wanted. As an added bonus, its flowers are sourced from nearby, so they're only 2-4 days old when delivered -- most florists average 10-16 days.