These Libraries Rent Out Gently Used Baby Equipment

'London’s Sling Libraries' are now giving parents the opportunity to rent out gently used baby equipment. Baby gear is extremely expensive and many parents are hesitant to invest in something that may not be the best fit for their child. This service provides a new way for parents to test out different baby equipment before making a financial commitment.

The Sling Libraries allow patrons to rent out slings and carriers for two weeks at a time. The library carries a wide variety of brands in order to accommodate babies of all sizes. If a parent has never used a sling before, the library offers instructional courses for safe 'babywearing.' The service ultimately allows parents to test out different equipment before making the decision to purchase a particular brand. Some of the libraries also give parents the opportunity to purchase gently used slings.

The program is ideal for new parents who are unsure of what baby gear they may need.