'Voris' is an Adorable Robot Friend That Turns Chores Into a Game

 - Oct 14, 2015
References: electroluxdesignlab & yankodesign
Thanks to one Electrolux Design Lab submission, kids who hate domestic chores could soon have access to a robot friend who loves doing their laundry. This playfully designed robot called Voris disinfects clothes by using UV light and then removes any bad odors in the fabric with a unique airflow system.

Once the clothes are ready, the child's new robot friend waits until his human companion is nearby, and then purrs in a cute way, sticks his tongue out to grab his master's attention, and presents the freshly laundered items to be carefully put away.

Voris also actively moves around, and the child has to catch him and shoot his clothes into the highlighted space, turning the chore of laundry in to a fun game of target practice.

Although designed very much with kids in mind, even some adults could do with a robot friend like Voris.