The Centifloat is An Emergency Flotation Device That Rescues the Stranded

 - Sep 29, 2015
References: crowdfunding.justgiving & gizmodo
The Centifloat is a humongous flotation device that is designed to rescue refugees stranded at sea. The plight of refugees and migrants at sea was brought into stark focus recently due to the horrific images of Syrian child Aylan Kurdi. These images were what inspired the creators of the Centifloat to take action and come up with something to save and improve refugee's lives.

The design of this emergency flotation contraption is extremely simple yet highly functional. It is essentially a tube that is 52 feet long and can be inflated in three minutes. It has enough safety handles scattered around it to be able to support up to 60 people.

The Centifloat is truly a magnificent invention and is set to save and transform the lives of vulnerable refugees.