This Non-Profit Organization Provides Socks for the Homeless

‘Knock Knock Give A Sock’ is a New York City-based charity that provides socks for the homeless. Although many people donate their clothing to charitable organizations, socks are rarely accepted. This means that many homeless people go without socks, even during the winter.

To solve this common problem, Adina Lichtman founded Knock Knock Give A Sock. The charity originally collected gently used socks from University students and then expanded to work with educational and corporate partners. To date, the organization has collected over 12,000 pairs of socks. The socks not only save individuals from frostbitten feet, but they can also be used to nudge the person towards accessing other social services. For example, the socks are often given out at clinics so that individuals have an opportunity to access medical care.

While providing socks for the homeless may seem like a small gesture, it can make a world of difference to someone in need.