This Software is Designed to Discourage Academic Dishonesty

 - Oct 16, 2015
References: softwaresecure & techcrunch
'Remote Proctor Now' is a type of software that helps discourage academic dishonesty. Despite the growing popularity of online classes, many people worry that this type of environment provides more opportunities for cheating and other forms of academic dishonesty. This new software is specially designed to ensure that online exams are free from cheating.

Remote Proctor Now is used by Universities to let students take their exams online. The student is asked to take their exam in front of a webcam so that the software can monitor their activity. Each session is analyzed by visual recognition software that immediately flags irregularities. The flagged instances are then reviewed by human proctors to determine whether the student is cheating. Human reviews are necessary to rule out innocent behaviors such as a student simply fidgeting in their seat.

The software ultimately helps to discourage academic dishonesty by bringing accountability to online examinations.