'Broken India' Shows How Cropping Can Hide True Realities

 - Oct 2, 2015
References: lmt-lss & demilked
'Limitless' released a social media campaign called 'Broken India' that exposes the true realities behind much of the vacation pictures people take.

The photo series is critical of the use of cropping, targeting the popular app Instagram. Broken India challenges how most people pick and choose a very small portion of an area to take a picture of and post to social media. These images often hide and ignore the poverty-ridden realities.

The campaign uses black and white photographs that show an expansive view of India often including poverty and destruction. This is contrasted with a small, cropped out colored portion of the landscape that features a limited, deceptively pleasurable view. This small colored portion tends to resemble most Instagram posts, and is labeled as beautiful India. The campaign attempts to shed light on the fact that social media pictures often hide the unfavorable aspects of Indian culture.