This Charity Box is Designed to Encourage People to Give

Design agency 'Layer' recently produced an eye-catching charity box that encourages people to give. For fundraisers and charity campaigners, change boxes are necessary for collecting small donations. This whimsical coin receptacle is designed to stand out from other nondescript charity containers.

The whimsical charity box was designed for 'Maggie's,' which is a non-profit organization aimed at providing support for cancer patients. In an effort to encourage greater donations, Maggie's called on Layer to redesign its coin receptacles. Rather than having a simple can-shaped design, Maggie's new coin boxes resemble sleek silicon vases. The containers dangle from an attached handle, which gives off the impression of a cartoon character bowing to those who pass by. The whimsical design encourages people to give more than they normally would.

Maggie's reimagined charity box demonstrates how design can influence consumer behavior.