The 'Worldbeing' Shows How Your Choices Affect the Environment

 - Oct 3, 2015
References: layerdesign & fastcodesign
This carbon footprint-tracking wearable is both eco-friendly in its production design as well as its purpose. The 'Worldbeing' was created by Benjamin Hubert from design agency 'Layer,' in order to raise awareness of the daily effects individuals have on the environment. From things like how far and how they travel, to where they buy groceries, this wearable monitors users' actions in the hopes of improving upon them.

Carbon footprint-tracking is usually relatively time-consuming and takes a concerted effort. However, the Worldbeing monitors everything automatically for users. Aside from travel information, the bracelet also has a wireless payment system that connects to the app to provide users with information about the sustainability of that particular store.

Keeping in line with its sustainable purpose, the bracelet itself is made from recycled e-waste and has an e-ink display rather than an OLED, making the wearable more energy efficient.