These Ads Promote Sexual Equality for the Queer Lisboa Film Festival

 - Oct 6, 2015
References: adsoftheworld & designtaxi
Queer Cinema and agency FUEL Lisboa created these eye-opening ads for the LGBT film festival called Queer Lisboa. The ads aim to promote gender and sexual equality. While they specifically pertain to the film industry, the ads can also relate to all other aspects of sexual equality as well.

Each ad is a billboard or a poster that features an LGBT couple who are embracing one another in a kiss. The ads all have the couple's faces censored as if to say there is something that viewers should not see. The ads are incredibly powerful because they stress the fact that sexual equality should not be earned, it should simply be accepted.

The ultimate goal for these LGBT film ads is to prove that love should not be censored and that there is nothing inappropriate about being in a loving relationship. Each ad also reads, "Obscene to some. Beautiful to us."