From Presidential Man Bun Parodies to Potty-Mouthed Politician Art

 - Jan 9, 2016
These 2015 political trends range from potty-mouthed politician murals to first lady playlists that encourage American girls to feel confident and empowered. In addition to this list's focus on U.S. president Barack Obama and wife Michelle -- from Obama's faux man bun photos to the first lady's various youth initiatives -- its other notable examples include those that poke fun at current presidential candidates and world leaders.

Standouts include Disney princess illustrations that replace icons like Cinderella and Ariel with famous faces like Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un. These humorous portraits replace beloved animated characters with popular politicians and comment on these individuals' outlandish personalities.

Additional 2015 political trends include presidential coloring books and action figures that pay tribute to America's first female presidential candidate Hilary Clinton. Though sold as novelty items, these non-traditional toys are empowering and reject traditional gender stereotypes. For more political innovations that are set to emerge in the New Year, visit Trend Hunter's 2016 Trend Report page.