CrowdJustice Fights Injustices and Helps Fund Legal Action

 - Jun 23, 2015
References: crowdjustice & springwise
In an effort to help people fund legal action, especially in public interest court cases, CrowdJustice is a new kind of crowdfunding platform. Based in the UK, the site enables citizens to fundraise for social justice and promote their cause.

Former United Nations lawyer Julia Salasky established CrowdJustice to improve access to legal justice and offer regular people an avenue to financial support. The platform chooses cases that involve public interest, from local planning decisions to larger issues of human rights. These causes are published on the site and people are encouraged to fund legal action by donating. Similar to other crowdfunding channels, people are only charged if the fundraising goal has been reached.

However, they do not provide legal counsel or advice for claimants.