- Jun 27, 2015
When it comes to June 2015 social good innovations, social media and digital elements are being used more than ever to reach a younger generation of do-gooders. While often stereotyped as being self-absorbed, the millennial generation is also one that values ethics in business and corporate social responsibility. So integrating appealing aspects of technology is a key way to not only target younger audiences, but will also help shape a more socially conscious society in general.

Emojis are being used to raise awareness about abuse and in protests. Smartphone apps are being used for everything from tracking trash to promoting public safety and even receiving spiritual guidance. Instragammers are being commissioned to promote social businesses create content while bloggers are putting a positive spin on food and body image. There is also an educational component with June 2015 social good, from storytelling tablets in classrooms to microchip libraries.

From Victimized Emoji Initiatives to 3D Printed Rhino Horns: