L'Oreal is Testing Cosmetics on 3D-Printed Skin Tissue

 - May 19, 2015
References: ir.organovo & gizmag
L'Oreal is all set to begin testing its cosmetics on artificial 3D-printed skin. The skin's development is a result of a collaboration between the cosmetics giant and bioprinting company Organovo. The artificial skin tissue is reconstructed layer by layer using real human cells.

130,000 3D-printed skin tissue samples are produced each year at a research center in France, and are used to study the toxic effects -- allergies, corrosion, irritations and so on -- of untried cosmetic ingredients

The cosmetics industry has been responsible for the pain and suffering of countless animals forced to be used as testing pawns; L'Oreal must be commended for taking the lead in eschewing animal testing by investing in this 3D-printed skin tissue.