Fashion Revolution's Experiment Tests the Allure of Cheap Fashion

If you were walking on the street, would you be tempted to pay 2€ for the chance to strike a bargain on cheap fashion? This question was the basis for a social experiment by Fashion Revolution, aiming to see how the public in Berlin would respond to a vending machine promising a t-shirt in exchange for hardly any money.

But there was a catch—when eager bargain hunters went to put their money inside the vending machine, the coins triggered video footage to appear, showing the women and children in textile factories who are responsible for producing garment like these. At the end of the video, people were asked: "Do you still want to buy this 2€ t-shirt?" and were given the chance to immediately make the purchase or donate that money instead to Fashion Revolution Day in order to bring more awareness to the importance of clothing made by people who are paid fair wages.

Although many consumers support the idea of clothing that is ethically produced, getting them to back up their beliefs by making better purchases is a big challenge.