The Canismo Projects Features Dogs as the Artisits to Raise Awareness

 - May 5, 2015
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Taking matters into their own paws, a group of artistically talented pooches are getting messy to raise awareness and monetary funds through their personalized artwork, to increase adoption of sheltered animals. The campaign is called, Canismo.

It begins with a blank canvas and a dog; the dog is then drenched in edible paint made of corn starch and food coloring. Armed with their canine instincts, they do what every wet dog does -- they begin to shake. With each flip of their furry coats, they fling paint across the canvas. Every stroke and splatter represents a piece of their freedom, creating a majestic work of art that can never be duplicated. Each painting shares the artist's personal story and expression -- different breeds, separate colors and unique shaking techniques.

Paintings will be sold, along with photographs capturing the artists in action, at the Canismo Exhibition. While the campaign brings exposure to the need of pet adoption, the money raised will support sheltered animals while they wait for a place to call home.