This Statue of Communist Leader Lenin Was Remixed into Darth Vader

 - Oct 27, 2015
References: time & theverge
Artist Alexander Milov has taken a unique pop culture approach towards transforming this particular Lenin statue in the Ukraine.

Old statues of the Communist leader Vladimir Lenin are slowly being removed throughout the Ukraine through a process of "decommunization" requiring symbols of the old regime to be taken down. Rather than destroy this particular statue, located in the city of Odessa, Milov decided instead to turn it into a monument to Star Wars villain 'Darth Vader.'

The head of this Lenin statue has now been outfitted with a 'Darth Vader' helmet and the former Communist Party leader's coat has been transformed into a billowing cape. The helmet is also outfitted with a router to transform the remixed Communist monument into a free and public WiFi hotspot.