This Provocative Exhibit is Designed to Highlight LGBT Issues

New York City-based artist Jordan Eagles designed a provocative art installation called 'Blood Mirror,' which sheds light on LGBT issues. Although there is an overwhelming need for blood donations in the U.S. and abroad, many counties still prevent gay men from donating due to historical fears of HIV. Eagles aimed to highlight the injustice of this policy by designing an art installation made out of blood.

The provocative exhibit consists of a seven-foot monolith filled with the blood of nine gay men. The blood is fully encased in resin, which ensures that it is preserved. The sculpture is designed to reflect the image of the viewer in the hopes of evoking empathy. The idea behind the piece is to make a statement about the prejudicial nature of the ban on blood donations from gay men.

Blood Mirror not only highlights LGBT issues, but it also serves as a reminder about the overwhelming need for blood donations.