The Selfie Arm is Handy for Reaching Your Most Photogenic Angle

 - Apr 29, 2015
References: justincrowestudio & buzzfeed
Those who often find themselves needing a hand to take the perfect portrait may consider the extraordinarily quirky Selfie Arm as a practical apparatus. The peculiar prosthesis has been modelled on a human arm, complete with four fingers, a thumb, a wrist, an elbow and even a black cotton sleeve.

Attached at the opposite end to the fingertips, a smartphone mount can secure your handset as you hold the outstretched hand. A particularly amusing picture can be taken if you include the Selfie Arm within the frame. As a functional extension, distancing your camera at roughly two arms' lengths away, this anthropomorphic contraption gives the photographer a wider angle to capture more of his or her surrounding scenery.

Now, however helpful, this product seems to take a bit of a joking jab at the somewhat dorky concept of the selfie stick for tourists traveling solo.