This Concept Camera Prohibits Users from Capturing Typical Images

 - Sep 11, 2015
References: philippschmitt & petapixel
This concept camera was created by Danish photographer Philipp Schmitt to strictly enforce the photographing of solely original images. The 'Camera Restricta' functions as a GPS device, connecting to the Internet and scanning it for photos taken in the same place. When the number of similar photos reaches a certain threshold, a red X will appear on the restrictive viewfinder over the popular image. The shutter will also retract into the body of camera, prohibiting the user from even attempting to capture the overused image.

More a commentary than a camera for popular use, this project seeks to encourage photographers to take photos that are worth saving. A picture that can be found a hundred times over on the Internet is not as special as one that is rarely captured. Aimed at originality-obsessed artists and photographers, this concept camera provides an interesting view on inventions that push creative boundaries.